Review of Lucky Cow Bingo

Review of Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo is an odd name for a female-oriented site. After example, the word “cow” is insulting against women. Nonetheless, the initial portion of the game makes sense — luck is a necessary component of winning a game that includes random balls with numbers being chosen from a pile and you attempting to match the numbers on your playing card to the numbers shouted out quicker than everyone else.

When the loading page prepares itself for you to begin browsing, the lead picture confirms our notion that this is a female-centric site. A really pretty young guy – absolutely appropriate for taking home to the parents – is dressed in a cheap-looking cowprint suit with black ears, white’skin,’ and brown horns on his headgear. Although he is not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of appearance, if you look beyond the visibly painful grin he has been compelled to wear, it immediately becomes apparent that he is the kind of chap who ladies over the age of 35 would take a fancy to.

Favorite Fluffy Animals

Sorry. While you are correct that we have spent much time determining who this is intended at, that determination is critical in the larger picture of utilizing our bingo website. Everything will become evident pretty shortly.

Thus, the landing page opens and you’re greeted with a cow guy alongside a message informing you that you’ve won 500 free spins on a game called Fluffy Favourites. We’re not sure what it is, but the spinning ‘wheel of fortune’ logo next to it does seem very good. The Lucky Cow Bingo logo and a row of menu choices occupy the top of the screen. Let’s click on Bingo Games to see what’s available.

How much is it?

We’re guessing that’s not enough for some individuals. Lucky Cow Bingo is one of those bingo sites that demonstrates an unwavering belief in the maxim “less is more.” You may choose between 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games, which is very limiting in our opinion. However, we have encountered bingo sites with around 10 distinct variations, which is simply too numerous in our opinion. Five or six would be great, but as the saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers.

Lucky Bingo does surpass expectations in one area: its Video Bingo option. These games, dubbed a ‘hybrid of slot and bingo,’ do not need you to wait for a new bingo room to open, which is clearly ideal if you’re looking for a fast calling session before that crucial meeting this afternoon.

Slots and Other Items

Additionally, Lucky Cow offers a range of slot machines. For those who have been sleeping for the past couple of centuries, slots are the digital counterpart of a one-armed bandit – you insert the ‘coin’ (credit) into the machine, push spin, and then the objective is to match rows of similar symbols, phrases, and objects. Each one corresponds to a different degree of wins, and that’s about all.

We’re great lovers of slots since they’re convenient and enjoyable. Obviously, you won’t be able to win as much money as you might with most other types of online betting, much more so when there are no progressive slots included in this selection—those are the games where the jackpot becomes larger the more you play, regardless of your performance. Unfortunately, Lucky Cow’s selection is quite limited, leading one to question why the creators bothered in the first place. There are many of online bingo and casino websites that perform slots far, far better than this one, so what makes this one unique enough to entice you to join?

Perhaps the Promotions?

True… or maybe not. To be fair, we’ve seen other websites provide considerably fewer and far less generous deals – in fact, some of them make you feel very outraged by the ‘gesture’, which is so meager and miserable. Nonetheless, Lucky Cow might have done better than the gifts it has bestowed, albeit one should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Thus, there is a welcome promotion – spend £10 and get up to 500 spins – a Fortune Fountain with a £500 community prize, and a Balance Booster with a part of a £250 jackpot on the 15th of each month at 8PM. Each day, you may play up to two hours of free bingo and choose whether to Love or Loathe – in other words, take advantage of more opportunities to win. Excuse us for being blunt, but these and the others we haven’t mentioned are fairly difficult methods of attracting new members and retaining existing ones. Deals should be straightforward and financially profitable. These are just a bit, umm, depressing.

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